Laura Boomsma 

Art & Education

Inbetween 2021-2022   Serie of outside thread installations. This work interprets the concept of the Inbetween. It visualizes the space between nature and man-made structures.  The space where the sunlight, wind and leaves linger. There also lingers our surprise and bewilderment.  Weaving the thread almost meditative in a repetative structure, within frames of wood and bamboo sticks. As soon as the weaving of the structure takes form, birds, wind, leaves and insects start interacting with the material.

Trans organismic sensing  2022  This work explores trans organismic interaction between nature, in this case, trees, and humans. Trans organismic communication refers to the interaction between non-related organisms. Using electronic sensors and microcontrolers to collect data, to be able to enhance our human sensory perception. Which could lead to a better understanding of our natural environment. And at the same time reflecting on the way we interact with nature in a science-and-technology orientated society. The sensors were left on their specific tree for one day. Some data was collected by the sensors. This will be processed, and researched. More on this project later.

Hello Friends. An alternative conversation with earth  2021 -   This ongoing project is about finding new ways to communicate with the living earth. Burying embroided messages on small textile pieces just beneath the top layer of the soil. Leaving it there for three weeks to be noticed by, and reacted on by the organisms that reside there. Then excavating those textiles to examine the staines and patterns left behind by the living organisms. In return reacting on those signs with another layer of embroidery. Like contemporary human communication; texting messages back and forth. But the ritual-like movement of burying a message, disturbing the earth with this invasive action, and then removing it, leaving an imprint of the fabric in the wet soil, are all ways of interacting. This also resembles different ways humans interact with the natural environment.